For it is better to know how
and not need it,
Than to not know how and need it

Guns and Grace provides a knowledgeable and supportive learning environment with grace on the firing line and in the classroom.

Explore the amazing world of firearms

Amazing types of pistols and rifles are waiting for you. Treat yourself to a day at the range where you can try an assortment of guns and calibers.

Discover new skills

We provide a variety of drills to help build your confidence and your abilities. We begin every student with safety and fundamentals and then progress through drills to teach defensive pistol and conceal carry skills. Call one of our instructors to get started on your new adventure.

Small groups with New opportunities

Growing together with other amazing ladies and making new friends every summer at the range

Creating friendships while building confidence

“Before I attended the class on Saturday, I was terrified of shooting a gun.These ladies did an amazing job of calming my fears with the instructions on gun safety. To actually load and shoot the gun and even hit the target, It was incredible. I totally recommend this class for all women.” Janet Hoffer

Courses Offered

Check to see if there is something scheduled near you. New classes are scheduled all the time. If not, then schedule a class or an event for you and your friends.

Instructional Classes

Schedule for individual or small groups or join in on a class scheduled at a local range or host a clinic near you

ND Conceal Carry Test

Call to check test dates and locations, Serving Killdeer, Beulah and Belfield areas

Ministry Event

Host a Women’s Ministry Event – Warrior Princes

Wondering what is with all the peacocks?

Confident Protectors

When I started Guns and Grace I wanted something feminine and fierce for logo and marketing. On the range we have a saying “Shake your tailfeathers” and that led me to the peacock. Not only are they a beautiful creation, but they are fiercely protective. They may appear prideful, but in reality it is a firm defensive stance to protect their own. Of Course sometimes they have to stand tall and express how beautiful God created them. The elegant birds display confidence with widespread feathers and their heads held high. When a woman knows that her confidence comes from God, then she is capable of standing tall as God graciously gives her the strength needed to stand and protect her own. Beautifully and wonderfully made.

– Alanna Tomjack