ND Conceal Weapons License

Upcoming ND CWL test dates ….. Use pre-registration links below for the correct test date and location. Please read the testing information on this page.

$50 Testing Fee does not include Range Fee

Testing fee does NOT include Range Fee

Please bring Range Fee the day of test
  • Zap -No Range Fee
  • Belfield – $5 Range Fee
  • Watford – $10 Range fee

Please complete, submit and then print out the application to bring to the class

Zap Sportsman’s Club Saturday Oct. 22 1 pm CST. Zap Sportsman’s Club is on HWY 200 west of Beulah

ND CWL Class 1 or 2

Class 2 requires classroom presentation over the ND laws and a written test.

Class 1 includes an additional shooting qualification to demonstrate familiarity with your firearm, so it is recognized in more states … see below for you need to know and practice for the Class 1 shooting qualification

“I don’t think that making it difficult for law-abiding citizens to obtain guns will lower the crime rate – not when the criminals will always find a way to get them.”

Ronald Reagan


ND CWL testing is available at each of the ranges we offer training. If you do not see a scheduled date for testing, contact Alanna and we will see if we can get one on the calendar.

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  • alanna@gunsandgrace.org
  • (701) 690-9149

More Ways to Get In Touch

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Zap, Belfield or McKenzie County Sportsman’s Club

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