Firearms Training

We currently offer training and ND CWL testing at the following ranges in our area:


Zap Sportsman’s Club

Watford City

Range memberships are not required for training, but they are beneficial to advance your skills. Range fees may apply for those without memberships

Most of our training is one-on-one and at the level and pace of the student. We have small group lessons for girls afternoon or night out, mothers and daughters that take lessons together.

Monthly classes at each range (space limited).

We also offer private training off the ranges – most farm and ranches will meet the criteria to host a training event. If you are interested in hosting a private training, please call Alanna for more information.

  • Introduction to Handguns (Rifles) – 2 hour safety and fundamentals class prerequisite for all instructional classes
  • Individually or Small group (pistol or rifle lessons are available)
  • Indoor Marksmanship with any Mantis training system
  • Ladies Defensive Drills This is an advanced class for students to advance their skills. Students learn how to safely draw and present firearm from a holster. Defensive mindset is added to training drills. (Must demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitude)
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