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We researched and tried out different training systems and gear. We will only recommend what we use ourselves. We appreciate you using our affiliate links. We don’t have a storefront or an online store. Every time a customer or student uses our links to the below companies it supports our small midwest training company.

Recommended companies on this page:

MantisX DryFireMag Umarex Airsoft Guns RISE Armament

Contact us to order your MantisX or Laser Training System or use BUY NOW option. We also offer Marksmanship classes to help you learn how to use them effectively.

The MantisX Performance System can be used on Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns and Archery – can be with dry fire or live fire practice. Check out the X10 Elite or the X3, the little sensor that is like having an instructor in your pocket.

Mantis Laser Academy is caliber specific. The lasers can be used with or without the app and are dry fire only. The Blackbeard system is an awesome auto-resetting trigger option for AR platform rifles.

  • Other MantisX Items I recommend:
    • MagRail Adapter – Search for Adapter Finder to find the correct adapter for your gun $10-50
    • TRTs – Keeps the magazine follower positioned so that the gun will not engage the slide stop of the pistol each time you pull the trigger. Set of 3/$8.99

Contact us to schedule a Mantis Marksmanship class or Distance Learning, if you are interested in how you can safely practice at home let us know when you schedule your lesson. Not in our area – ask about our new Distant Learning option.

DryFireMag – magazine resets your pistol

Practice your dry fire technique without having to remove your support hand to cycle the slide of your pistol. This DryFireMag is set to simulate a factory trigger weight.  If lighter or heavier trigger weight is desired please purchase with the available spring kit. Available for Glock®, Sig®, Smith and Wesson®, Springfield Armory® and Shadow Systems®

Train with CO2 or green gas guns that are designed to replicate weight and size

Check out the Umarex online selection, I can dropship your order
>> affiliate link coming soon <<

Amazing Drop-in Triggers – These are the 3 that we love

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