Never alone

Do you struggle with forgiveness? Not all circumstances are the same and some people or things are easier to forgive. Perhaps we have the most to learn when we finally forgive those whom are the hardest. When you were young did you ever take a flower and tear off the petals—he loves, he loves me not, he loves …. Well sometimes I get that way in regards to forgiveness. Forgive ‘em, don’t know how, forgive ‘em, ugh  not enough petals because there is still a churning felt inside – that I haven’t really forgiven. God has a way of not letting it end that way. He knows the importance of forgiveness. He also knows that unforgiveness tends to cause withdrawal and isolation.

Being a Christian is more than just myself, it is part of a body, something greater than myself. Hebrews 10:25 instructs to not forsake the fellowship with other believers, because fellowship (Koinonia) is an important aspect of Christian living. It keeps us connected to the body. It is a tendon that holds us bound to truth. God’s will is found in fellowship and not in isolation (Prov. 12:15, 15:22-23).

There have been times when I tended to isolate myself because of my own pride. It wasn’t always the fear of being hurt again, but because I thought I was strong enough to handle the circumstances. As my identity in Christ matured, I began to realize I wasn’t on my own anymore. God has always surrounded me with Christian women, I just had to choose to see it and speak up in faith. It takes great humility to reach out to others, especially when many members of the body are more like strangers.

Proverbs 11:14 tells us that seeking counsel from godly friends is a wise and safe choice. There are many times we are unable to forgive because of spiritual warfare and we need a little help outside of our own mind to win the battle. You are not alone in this world, God has planted people around you to help you mature in who you are in Christ. Make coffee plans or go out for lunch with one of the ladies that the Good Lord has brought into your life. Encourage one another.

Many blessings, Alanna

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